How Do We Charge For Advice?

We operate on a pure Flat Dollar Fee For Service basis

Battistella Financial Services embrace fee for service and we do not receive any form of commissions, kickbacks or other conflicted remuneration……period.

We provide three distinct services to our clients, and charge accordingly:

  1. Initial fee for advice covers preparation of a Comprehensive Statement of Advice (SoA);
  2. An implementation fee covers the full implementation of our recommended strategy;
  3. An ongoing review fee is charged and is reviewed annually.

In all cases, for new clients our fees are costed based on time and complexity and are charged as a flat dollar fee rather than a percentage of funds under management or insurance premium.

Importantly, we provide Life Risk Insurance advice and implementation on a pure fee for service basis. However, where a client would prefer to have their insurance arranged on a commission basis, we can accommodate this at their request.

If you have any questions about the range of financial planning services we provide, or should you be interested in becoming a client of our practice, please contact us on 03 9832 0768.

We would be delighted to receive your call.